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what do you do for fun?

bowling, going to the movies, dancing ect. do you have a variety of choices of things to do where you live or do you have to drive to get to your entertainment?

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    I'm too old for the clubbing stuff but enjoy PlayStation 2 and fast cars. We live really rural, so our local pub is the place we hang out. We have lots of fab Friends and enjoy darts and quiz nights too. We do have to drive when we go out as the nearest pub is 5 miles away on little narrow roads. Bus route is crap and taxi's are too expensive. WE go to the movies in the city occasionally but we have to park up there and we may not have any wheels (or a car come to that) left when we get back.

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    My family loves to go bowling, and we go to the movies regularly.

    Since we live in a large city, there is a wide variety of things to do, and everything is accessible by bus, and the majority of the activities are less than 45 minutes away.

    At home, I play the Sims, or one of the 'Mania' games.

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    Poke Badgers With Spoons


    I Just Had To :D


    Go On This And Read The Jokes; Msn; Shopping (When I Have Money); Cinema; Ice Skating

  • traveling,dancing, going to the movies, reading, throwing theme parties .Or sometimes we make movie day with the girlfriends and watch movies all day at home.

    In Istanbul there are variety of choices. You just wish something and you will have it.

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    Archery target shooting

    High Power Rifle Target shooting


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    Yahoo! Answers

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    Answer yahoo answers, play games, watch movies and favorite TV shows, listen to music, sometimes I could get crazy lol, go shopping and much more

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    Oh I live in the city so there are so many things to do right outside my door. Mostly I like to go to dinner or brunch with friends. .

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    party with friends

    drinking beer

    playing xbox live

    dancing at bars

    spending all of my money

    playing xbox 360 and ps3

    going to the movies

    playing my drum set

    listening to music

    race my remote control cars

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    I love to Trawl Antique shops and Flea Markets, I find wonderful gifts that people really love.

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