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dog problem!!!?

My husband's dog is horrible. He is very undisciplined and pretty much does whatever he wants. We do discipline him, but I think my husband wasn't good at training him early on. Their are several problems, but my main issue now is the couch. The dog thinks it is HIS couch...I will make him get off and he gets back on a minute later, I don't want him laying on it cause it's new and he sheds and no matter how many baths he has he still gets the outside smell...How do I train him to stay completely off of it...

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    The first step to solving your problem is to take the dog completely back to basics and start his training all over again - no matter how funny that sounds. He has to learn to respect you and your husband and taking him back to basics and starting again is the first step to reinforcing the idea that the humans are in charge and not him.

    Make sure that you get him to sit for anything that he wants (teach him that sit means please) - it can be rather funny when the dog twigs to this as you get a dog who sits right in front of you when they want to go to the toilet and then they dash for the door when you get up. Also teach him NILIF (nothing in life is for free). Make him sit before you feed him, put his bowl on the floor and make him wait before you release him, and wait until you are ready to release him.

    When he is in the house put a short lead on his collar and make sure that you go through doorways first, that you go up and down stairs first, and that if you want him to move he moves. The lead is there so that you can reinforce it. Teach him all the basic commands in the house - any dog should at a minimum know: sit, down, stay, sit-stay, down-stay, off, leave, wait, free/release, and a command to move away (we use away).

    This will take time to correct, but it will also make the dog happier overall as he will know his place in your "pack". We have a very dominant dog and we make sure that we work with her for a minimum of ten moniutes a day with her different commands and do trick work with her to keep her in "place" and to keep her mind busy.

    We also using positive training where the good behaviour is rewarded with verbal praise and a small treat, and where possible ignore the bad behaviour. If you see him on the couch say off and if he does not move then pull him off by his collar saying off at the same time - don't raise your voice or be rough, you just want him to come off the couch. When he is off get him to do something else and praise him if he does it right and make a fuss of him. Take every chance you can to reward his good behaviour - and deal with any misbehvaiour quietly and calmly.

    If things do not improve within a few weeks or if he begins to growl and snap, then get a trainer in as soon as possible. You need to make sure that you remain safely on top of the pack rather than fighting him for dominance.

    Good luck.

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    If you don't have control over your dog, there's no way you can train him to stay off the couch.

    I would suggest enrolling in a training class for both you and your husband. You can also start putting NILIF into practice: http://www.k9deb.com/nilif.htm These will both help your dog start respecting you, which is the first step to training him to do anything. There's no way a dog is going to listen if he doesn't think you're the boss - and the NILIF and classes combination will help all of you build this respect while having fun and without excessive emphasis on intimidation techniques or physical force.

    When your dog respects you, he trusts you and he takes his cues from you. This will solve the couch problem, as well as all the other problems you have with him. Don't worry - a dog is never too old to start learning to have some respect. You'd be surprised how much difference just a couple of weeks of NILIF can make in a stubborn dog.

    You should also start brushing him. You didn't say what breed he is, but all dogs require brushing so that they don't leave hair all over the place.

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    My first question back to you is-How do you discipline him? My second statement is any dog-no matter the age-can be trained. I have personally trained them as old as 13 years. Here's what you can do for the couch. When you're not there put newspapers on or cover it with old blankets. This will keep the smell down until you can address the problem. There are things called 'scat mats' out there. It gives either a mild electrical shock or it screams to scare the dog when it touches it-you could try those. Does he have his own crate?? Many people think this is cruel-after having five dogs in my house crates are a blessing and dogs view them as their own space after they are trained to use them. They are not cruel. There are other things you can do, but they would need the help of a trainer or behaviourist. You may want to look around to see if someone can recommend soemone-you're vet may be able to help you.

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    Why don't you not bath him so often, and start brushing him daily. Get that hair off him outside and he isn't going to bring so much inside.

    Put a sheet on the couch, or a blanket at the end and allow him only to lay on the spot with the blanket.

    If he has no training otherwise, and doesn't listen, trying to train him to stay off the couch, likely isn't going to happen. Unless you take classes and regain control of the dog.. Then just give him his own spot.

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    WOW plenty of questions! I'll take on the primary one. And it could support to know the way ancient he's.:) a million -You could have got to get him checked through the vet. If he has a urinary tract contamination then he would possibly not be equipped to support it and all teh coaching and recommendations on the planet would possibly not difference a factor. two -Lose the pee pads. This is a certain hearth solution to CONFUSE your puppy considering that what they be taught is that it's alright to pee within. They don't udnerstand that there's whatever magical approximately the pee pads that makes it adequate. three - Take him outside generally so he has the risk to pee external. When he does, compliment him in a pleased voice and perhaps even provide him a deal with. If you'll take the paper / throw rug / anything that he peed on within the apartment and placed it in which you desire him to move external as a way to cross far in instructing him to move outside. four - Do now not depart him unsupervised within the apartment. Keep an eye fixed on him normally and if you happen to see him sniffing like he's approximately to "cross" get him external. Play with him just a little too, in any other case he's going to get the inspiration that he's being punished for peeing and / or peeing external and that it the final factor you desire. five - Never ever scold him for peeing interior. If you do all as a way to occur is he's going to work out it is a unhealthy inspiration so that you can see him peeing after which he would possibly not pee outside whilst you cross on walks. He'll additionally get well at being sneaky approximately peeing interior so he can hinder the punishment. 6 - Be sufferer. Now that he has the unhealthy addiction, exchanging it would possibly not occur in a single day. Dogs do not out of the blue "get it" after which act excellent. Instead what is going to occur is that there shall be fewer and less injuries and he will get it correct increasingly generally till eventually he will be housebroken. It might take approximately 2 months. Be sufferer and constant and well success!

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    Aside from firm training and giving him some kind of spot... bed/pillow to lay on in the room, try putting blown up balloons on the couch under a sheet or plastic. When he jumps up he will not like the feeling and if big enough he may pop one or two which will put a good scare into him.

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    Your problem is 99.99% most likely dominance. You need to sit on the couch with food, or with your husband and do not let him on the couch, if he jumps on push him off and do it over and over and over again and ignore him until he tries again. He will eventually give up. When he gives up, give him a treat, try to have a treat handy with you during this whole process. Your dog thinks that he is the alfa male in the house, the boss. So, I am positive that the couch issue isn't the only one. Please e-mail me for further information.

    I hope I helped!

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    Teach him to get off the couch by luring him with treats. Reward him when he lies on his own bed on the floor. Put chairs on the couch when no one is in the room to make sure he doesn't get on.


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    watch the dog whisperer he is really good. You can get his videos from the library or rent one. you can probably even email him.

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    Read cesal millan's books especially the new one

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