Why is Chocolate bad for you?

I am doing a project in school and need to know. WHY?

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    Because for some people it´s so gooooood...!!!!!!

    And it may become so addictive that you can loose control and keep consuming it like a drug and then you will need a chocolate fix in the most inappropriate places like at at a meeting, in the shopping centers, on the bus... and sometimes you will have to hide it from everyone else that you will feel like they want to take it away and really it won´t be true but you will not care.. the chocolate is yours and no one elses... and one piece just won´t be enough... you have to build your own chocolate factory.. (ok.. that´s too much..!!)

    good luck!!!

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    Its the fat and added sugar in chocolate bars that is bad for you. Chocolate itself actually contains antioxidants and has been shown to have some benefits. Semi-sweet or dark chocolate is generally better because there is less added sugar. If you're looking for some chocolate to enjoy, find some with a high cocoa mass content (70% or more).

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    The first and most apparent thing about chocolate is that it is high in sugar. Due to the high quantity of sugar, it can contribute to diabetes sooner, weight gain, and cavities. It is also believed to cause breakouts in the face.

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    Q: Is chocolate bad for me?

    A: Are you crazy? HELLO Cocoa beans! Another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

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    I hesitate really to call ANY food "bad" for you. People misuse food --and chocolate, commonly-- and make it unhealthy, because of its sugar content, but it isn't wholly bad for anyone.

    Chocolate is one of those foods that is commonly subject to addictions, most likely because of it's sugary nature, and should always be eaten in manageable and sensible portions, but that is true of any food.

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    Good dark chocolate is not bad for you at all if you eat in moderation.

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    Cacao which is what 'Chocolate' comes from is good for you... it's the milk and sugar along with the chemicals we can't pronounce that makes it bad....

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    Chocolate can cause a toxin that remains in the body. It never eliminates itsself from your system.

    Good Luck

    Hottttttttttt Dogggggggg

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    It isn't bad for you, it's good for you, contains antioxidants and the good fats. Unless you eat 1 pound of it at one sitting!

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    OMG...Gee, I thought it was good for you, especially the dark kind.

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