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Human Blood Groups? What is the difference?

What is the difference between the ABO blood groups and the MN blood groups? I know that ABO has to do with carbohydrates on the surface of the red blood cell, but what purpose do the MN groups serve? What is the difference? Thanks!

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    The MN blood group refers to different allelic forms of a red blood cell surface protein called glycophorin A that don't affect the function of the protein but change two amino acids near its N terminus. This region is antigenic, so blood carrying an isoform of the protein with a sequence that the immune system has not seen before will induce an immune response against the red blood cells.

    The ABO blood types are due to a allelic forms of an enzyme that modifies a carbohydrate tree on the cell surface with two different sugars depending on whether the allele is A or B, or no sugar if it is O. Again, this extra carbohydrate is antigenic and induces a response in those immune system have not seen it before.

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    teh mn blood groups are jsut like the abo blood groups but uses a different protein found on the surface fo the red blood cell. something like 15 diferent antigens and enzymes can be used for identification purposes in human blood with the most commmon be ABO system and Rh factor(+ or neg) but others like the MM,MN,NN group can also be used. all need to be identified and closely matched as possible for good transplant chances.

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    The differnce is blood cells are more enportant then MN cells and the body needes ABO cells more than MN cells. The MN is the cell that controls the brain. It helps the brain to keep going.

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