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Why are republicans so worried about immigration?

You guys seem to think you own the ground you walk on . First of all if you were real christians you would know that this world is not yours , its everyones , and everyone has a right to be here , just because you fought some wars doesn't mean a damn thing to me . If you forget most of our ancestors were immigrants , so what do you have to say to that .

And heres a real life issue for you to answer . My friend is illegal , because his parents brought him over here when he was six months old . He is now 30 . And hes a good person who pays taxs and works hard . But he cant become a citizen because your laws are so difficult anymore . Its crazy . How can you defend this one ?


How is it his fault what his parents did . He didnt make that decision , and yet he could get deported and sent back to a country that hes never been too...

Update 2:

Blaming someone doesnt help . Even if you pass all other laws about immigration , i think there should be some kind of law that says that if you live here for over 20 years , went to school here , got your deploma , act like a regular citizen , and speak only english , that you should not have to be deported . And all of those things describe my friend .

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    Illegal immigration.

    World of difference.

    Ask any small community hospital in areas where they are being killed providing health care for illegals for free, or schooling for children of non legal residents

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    My ancestors were 50/50 -- some were born on US soil and the other half immigrated - here's where they differ from todays surge of illegals.....they learned the language and they assimilated. Yes, they held the customs of their homeland, but they never expected anyone to bend to their whim or for laws to change to accomodate them OR for the National Anthem to be sung in THEIR native tongue to appease them!

    They didn't expect the government to care for their children, feed their children, or give their children benefits that a citizen child would not get.

    Immigration is assimilation -- there is huge problem with assimilation now a days. I shouldn't have to know (and flat out refuse to learn) a second language because half the people I encountered don't speak English.

    I have several great friends who are legal immigrants - who speak English and work. I have the utmost respect for them and enjoy their contribution to our country. I am sorry your friends parents didn't care enough about him to seek citizenship - that's not the US's fault - it's his parents.....blame them!!

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    If your friend works hard, pays taxes, etc., has been here for 30 years, and is such a good person, tell me why, in all that time, he hasn't taken the steps to become legal? Other do it, so it can't be that hard.

    It's being overly idealistic and naive of you to say that our county is "everyone's". That's not how the world works, as you well know. Your friend knows it's not how it works in the country his parents come from. We have laws. In order to partake to the privileges here(or in any country), one must abide by the laws. You friend, no matter how good he may be, has chosen not to.

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    Think of having your apartment filled with people you didn't invite and who rely on you to feed them and drive them places. You worked hard to have your apartment and now people just flood in and without asking you just move in, and some even steal from you. Your place is a lot better than theirs had been, but now yours looks like what they had had. Now, maybe instead, you want roommates who apply to live with you. You can manage that, but not just taking in everyone who shows up. Regulating the number of people in your apt works. Letting anyone move in doesn't.

    As for owning the ground, hey, people do. How about your car? Should anyone just use your car when they feel like it? I pay a lot of property taxes of which almost none comes back to me. The taxes help a lot of other people though. I pay to live where I live. We aren't a wandering tribe picking wild fruit and nuts. If you are sitting in a chair you paid for and someone tells you he wants it now... you just get out?

    As for your friend, I have a friend who went through all the channels with great difficulty to get a green card to stay in America. Why should he jump through hoops and your friend not? It took years and money. You want a giveaway world, but I'd bet you wouldn't if what was given away was yours.

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  • Anonymous
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    If we were "real Christians"? We don't need some idiot to tell us what Christianity is. Legally, there are property rights and there is legal ownership of property.

    Nobody has a "right" to be here. That's nonsense. Almost as stupid as calling the colonists "immigrants".

    It sucks for your friend, but if his parents had obeyed the law, he wouldn't have been put in this position.

    But don't use silly arguments to justify his presence.

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    Because it has gotten out of control and the U.S. encourages illegal immigration by providing benefits. This is not to say the immigrants are not good people. Mexico certainly does not provide for its citizens nor will accept illegal foreigners in its country.

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    I feel that if the US does want to crack down on illegal immigration, why don't they go after the companies that HIRE these people? The Republicans (and Democrats) always skirts this issue and just go after the illegals themselves. Why? Because these companies are more than likely major political contributors and do not want to be exposed as slave laborers and tax cheats.

    Unless you are a true native american, we ALL come from somewhere else.

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    He can't become a citizen because the immigration laws were neglected and illegal immigration became big business. Your friend is the least of anyones worries right now. Look at the bigger picture. They are the problem. Not your one friend.

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    Get your facts straight sir, we LOVE Immigrants, LEGAL Immigrants, ILLEGALS, however are the ones we have problems with.

    This country was founded on Immigration, and wouldnt be great without it.

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