Casting call.........??? Movie #3....??

Okay I am shooting the next p&s movie and its casting call time. Who will you play?? Different Roles than last time!!

Barnaby McSween--the ceo of Fidocorp

street sweeper #1


Dental assistant

Wreckless daredevil

Sandy Shores--local detective/exotic dancer

car wash attendent

long distance running champ "Lungs" Olbermeier

newspaper photographer


drunken guidance cousellor

guy who lives with his parents even though he is 35

mom of guy who lives at home at 35

dad of guy who lives at home at 35

uncle Ted

and Myrtle

Louie Anderson

weatherman Buck Strongwind

casino owner

Tow truck driver

Gambling phenom Ace McSpadey

Equestrian Champion

Former Child star/bank robbing crack addled windshield washer

Advice columnist

Pat Sajak

Vanna White

Beer Can Smith--former high school football star



Big Cheeks Mason-jazz legend

bearded lady

pool shark

actual shark

ex-heavyweight champ Stuttering Joe Thomason

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Newspaper Photojournalist please!

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