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photography question 2?

want to know of any websites that allow u to combine two photos together (but it must look realistic) for free kind of like photo editing becuase im into photography and in my photography class we have an assignment and i want mine to be the best.... please any help would be great

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    yes there are a few programs... tho I dunno about a website. Serif has one called Panorma Plus (google it ) you can join several photos together and it will seamlessly join them for you It was free but I think you have to pay for it now tho knowing serif it will still be cheaper than a lot on the market that does a lot less for more cash

    Source(s): I have the program and use it y to take panoramic pix when i need to such as when the obect is too big for one pict from my camera
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    Picnik is the best online photo editor that I know.

    Whether it will do the two image collage you are after I don't know. Give it a try and post the results if it works.

    I know you can do it with Paint.NET a free photoshop alternative I've recommended on Yahoo Answers many times.

    Good luck with your project however you complete it.

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    I doubt it. I haven't seen any application to do just that either. I use the PaintShopPro to copy and paste into a new image. It's simple and looks normal.

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