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Going from Brown to Blonde hair..?

ok.. so have dyed brown hair.. its quite dark.

i know you cant go over the brown with blonde.. it just wont work.. but does it take the colour out and lighten the hair if you bleach it?? and how do you bleach it? what do you use (like household bleach?)??

if not bleach.. what else??

thanks in advance!


i would go to a salon but it costs waaaay too much! and i mean i spend like £75 every 3/4 weeks on my hair.. conditioning it.. cutting it and colouring it.

its just that i have never tried to strip the colour out of my hair myself. so yeah i would like to do it myself.

ohh and ive been all the colours under the sun =)

Update 2:

also.. i dont want highlights.. i am VERY adventurous with my hair and i like to go to extremes with it. i dont mind if it doesnt look natural, your only young once and im 17.

annd its not all going to be blonde.. just like the top sort of half.. i cant explain but basically the back and top.. but the fringe area and that ill be blonde.. if u get the picture.

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    you must use a pre-lightener to strip the brown color out of your hair. you can buy these at cvs or walgreens (i use clairol born blonde maxi), but it's better to go to a beauty supply store and get a developer there. also, i heard that manic panic's flashlighting kit works, and you can find it at hot topic, but i haven't used it personally.

    after pre-lightening (which you may have to do twice to get it the lightest blonde you can with the least amount of brassiness) you must use a toner. these are not available in stores and are NOT the same thing as the box dyes you buy over the counter at walgreens or anything. you can get a toner at sally's beauty supply. if you want a platinum blonde, i recomment wella white lady. the dye is purple and it removes any orange or brassy tones to leave just a pale blonde. you could also choose another color but it can't be lighter than your hair or it wont work because toners don't lighten hair (they are deposit only).

    a sales person at sally's can help you with the products you need to apply the toner, but the main thing to remember when pre-lightening is that the hair goes through about 5 stages, and most people get scared, freak out and quit before the process is over and end up with orange hair. my hair is coarse and pretty tough and i leave the dye (clairol born blonde maxi from walgreens) on for 2 hours, which is more than the box says, then i use white lady toner with a 20 developer, but i would do a test strand on your hair first.

    the most important thing to remember is that when bleaching, it gets ugly before it gets blonde so just be patient and wait it out and you wont end up with orange hair.

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    Go to a salon, seriously. Box color is so bad for hair. It sounds like you don't have much experience doing this type of thing so I would go to a salon, don't ruin your hair. Bleach will not take the color out, it just goes right on top of it and changes the pigments in your hair. And it is NOT household bleach, do NOT put that on your hair. Good Luck!!!!!!

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    An answerer above recommended Frost and Glow...that stuff melted my brown hair so I would never, ever use it again. I had used it a couple times previously with no problem, but one time it destroyed my hair. Thankfully it was just for highlights so I still had some undamaged hair, plus my hair was short to begin with. I looked alright, but very frizzy for a year or so. Ugh.

    See the pros. After that experience I vowed to never dye my hair from a box again!

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    go to a salon to bleach it or get a lightener treatment. (if you get the lightener, ask for Matrix products) DO NOT dye blonde over it. It will look hideous. It wont lighten it but give it a gross tint in either gray or green. plus it will be very bad for your hair.

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    This is a question that so many people ask.

    As an analogy I will use an example: If you look at a polar bear they have white hair....right ????

    Wrong....they have black skin and translucent hair that combination simply makes them look white.....

    (As your hair retains the bleach the more translucent it becomes, bleach strips everything, including your shower curtain and bath mats, and walls, lol)

    If you place bleach on your hair, it is designed to strip the hair, inside and out of all color and melanin to produce blonder results, the longer its on, the longer it strips.....

    As for hair color remover, my personal opinion is never ever ever, but thats just me.....however many stylists will use UNCOLOR and use color theory to cancel out the orange with an ash base, I prefer not too

    Again, just my opinion, I bleach to lighten it to the color you want or close to what you want. Ithen put on a demi permanent toner....But I wouldn't try this at home, its definately a stylist operation.....

    Good Luck

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    Don't go blonde! (You DON'T use house hold bleach). Go to your salon and they will know whats best for your hair.

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    I went the other way, blond to brown, and I love it. you better go to the salon and have them do it.. Don't you try and put bleach on it. yikes..

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    You should just put in highlites.. I've dyed my hair brown then put in highlites not too long afterwards. I would use frost n glow, I think its made by Revlon. Don't try dying your whole head blonde, most likely it will turn out terrible unless you go to a professional.

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    Easy fix..Now that you have brown, go to the salon and have them put foils in your hair for balance. Dont put anything else on it yourself..Go to the Salon..Its going to be easy.....Go to Salon, you will actually spend less, rather than redoing it yourself several times..They can just put crown highlights in...

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    So your selling out huh? LOL im kidding.

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