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why i am sad? i feel disillusioned for nothing. help me.?

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    you are sad kumudasya because you are lost in the crowd around you. you are lost in the thoughts of your mind. you are lost in your god. you are lost in your morality. you are lost in your spirituality.

    remember, you are lost of you. you are not in you. you are not with you. you know about you but you donot know you.

    when you know yourself kumudasya, you will not be sad, nor be disillusioned.

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    Tough to answer without more detail, but I think that a lot of people feel sad/disillusioned because they don't see the meaning in their daily lives. I think it's helpful to ask yourself what would be something meaningful that you could do that would make a difference. Once you have some goals, maybe you'll start to feel less sad/disillusioned. Good luck!

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    You live in a world of illusion in which you can create your own dreams and manifest them. Deam something good for the sake of all your relations (and I DON'T mean your family, I mean all that you relate with) and employ your artistry to manifest it. Have fun, and good luck, the best guiding rule is 'let there be no harm'.

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    That is the sound of growing up.

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