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hi i have a remote start, i only have one spare key , my other key is in my bypass for the remote start, how?

do i get to the bypass to get the key out if i need it?

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    If there's a chip in your key, take a digital ohm meter and read across the chip. Write down the resistance reading. Go to radio shack and buy a resistor of the same value.

    Remove the trim panel under the steering column. You'll see a orange cable casing (kinda small) running along the steering column. There will be two white wires located in the casing. Sometimes one will have a blue stripe. Cut the wires and connect the resistor to the wires, vehicle side. The computer will think there is the proper key in the ignition. If there's no visible chip in the key, cut one of the wires in the casing, connect the ohm meter to the cut wire. Put the car in gear, and turn the key to start. You'll get a resistance reading. Follow the same installation procedure, and you now can take the key out of your car, and the remote starter will work. Next time you need to have a key made, you won't have to pay all that extra $$ for a resistor key.

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    why did you use your spare key for the remote start?

    it's MUCH easier to use another resistor...

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