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What is the difference between a "True Freshman" and a "Red Shirt Freshman" regarding college sports?

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    True freshman plays the 1st year in college. Redshirt has been there at least 1 year and plays what is really his sophomore season but eligibility wise he is considered a freshman.

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    True Freshmen are usually considered first year eligible.Meaning that they are in their first true year of eligibility.But a "red Shirt "Freshman can be red shirted the year before to preserve 1 year of eligibility for the player and his respective team.Basically a Red Shirt only means that you can practice be dressed and do anything but play over a set amount by the NCAA.This way if you have a Senior All American at your position where you will go to school.you can redshirt and let him go forward and you will retain that year of eligibility and not only have 3 yrs left.you Will be a Red Shirt Freshman the next year and still have 4 yrs left.Hope it helps.

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    True Freshman - their first year in college they play right away basically going from their high school games right to college games.

    Red Shirt Freshman - They sit out their first year of college and then they still have 4 years of college eligibility.

    Personally I would rather be red-shirted my first year so all I would really have to worry about is football my senior year. Plus freshman year you can concentrate on your studies and improve yourselve (weight room, speed, and conditioning) for when you play the first year.

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    A true freshman plays their first year as a freshman. A red shirt freshman plays their 2ND year. If a player is "red shirted" this usually means that they need to be developed. It gives them a year to develop as a better player.

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    A true freshman is a freshman is a student who is a freshman in college.

    redshirt freshman means hes a freshman on the field, (bc of eligibility rules) but a sophomore in the class room.

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    True freshman is a player in his freshman year of college...a redshirt freshman is in his sophomore year at the college, but sat out his freshman sports season due to a "redshirt" (it may be because of injury, but typically it is a year to mature phtysically or to learn the system due to the depth at that position)....he has four years of sports eligibility left, though he is in his second year of college.

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    being red shirted means that you're good enough that they want you to play an extra year. you are only allowed to play four years of college sports, so if they "red shirt" you your first year, you train with the team but do not play.... then you have four whole years (after one year of training) to be great... they are basically grooming you to be the BEST!

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    redshirt freshman sat out a year

    they didn't lose a year of eligability

    so they're "technically" sophomores

    true freshman is a freshman

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