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I love NFL Network ,,, and NFL package People why not get a satellite??it's great?

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    I agree 100%, that's why I have it.

    But, for those that don't, I'm sure there is a reason.

    For example: If you live in an apartment that won't allow you to have a satellite dish. Or a condo that won't allow you to have it.

    Bottom line: Not everything is cut & dry.

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    I was just thinking about posting a question like this since there are 100 questions this week complaining about the NFL Network.

    If you don't have the NFL Network

    Call your cable company and order it, if not available then complain to them

    Call Directv and order the service, and yes get the NFL package for under $200 a year. Would make a great Xmas present.

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    Did you ever stop to think that some people can't afford it? Or they may live in a place where they aren't allowed to have it or get really cruddy reception? Yes, it would be nice if we could all have satellite or have a cable company that carried the NFL Network without jacking up the price. It would also be nice if hundred-dollar bills started raining from the sky, but that's not likely to happen either. I had satellite before I moved and for the most part it was great, but whenever it got windy or started to rain, it would go out and I had to watch cable.

    That's my 2 for 2.

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  • Strix
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    I live in an apartment and I can't get a satellite. So there is no possible way for me to watch the Packer game at my house. Even though I own the team, the NFL is playing money games and now I can't watch.

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    I have the NFL Network and Sunday Ticket, but I think you're missing something here.

    What about all those who live in condos where alterations to your building aren't allowed? Or an apartment where you just can't put up a satellite? It's great that you and I have it, but I don't think you should bust everyone's chops for not having satellite.

  • tigger
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    not to menchen the cable companys rip u off basic cable cost more then the dish by 10 dollars a month and with dish u get the big ten and nfl network at no charge its part of the basic package cable sucks and so do cable companys

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    1 decade ago

    I also get NFL network thru satellite and love it. I really beleive the programming packages are cheaper thru satellite.

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    Well, I guess some would rather have cable than satellite. It may be more efficient for them. But there are advantages and disadvantages with both. I've never had cable where I live, only satellite.

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    I agree! Not only do you get Sunday ticket, NFL Network, you get WAY more channels and also far superior picture quality than the ancient electronics cable.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I refuse to pay to watch Gumble and Collinsworth butcher a game. NFL Network has the worst coverage of any network.

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