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can anyone tell me what to say tonight?

i think my girlfriend is going to leave me tomorrow because i cheated whilst drunk and im going to tell her tomorrow evening its the biggest mistake of my life and for the past week we hant talked much because talking to her jsut upsets me her voice makes me want to cry and ive been making excuses for why i cant stay and talk instead of doing this should i remind her how much she means tonight? because this all has made me realsie jsut how special this girl is... =[ im also afraid that if she leaves me ill have suicidal thoughts.... because im already developing thoughs on self harm......

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    tell her the truth. if she loves you that much, she'll forgive you.

    if she breaks up with you, you deserve it for cheating on her.

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    I think all you can do is to tell her you were drunk and made a terrible mistake. Think how you would feel if she did the same to you. And I think you are wrong for basing your self-worth on this girl's decision about you. Even if she won't take you back, it's no reason to do away with yourself. Consider it a lesson learned and don't repeat it. Personally, I would be completely p-oed, all you can do is try to tell her you weren't your self and hope she's terribly forgiving.

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    well, don't kill yourself.

    and being drunk is no excuse for cheating on her.

    you deserve to get drunk that is so disrespectful to cheat on a girl.

    and if you're just realizing that she's special you don't deserve her.

    a good guy notices how special a girl is far before she's not there anymore.

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    WOW...that sucks. but can't tell her how upset you would be if you broke up. would you seriously want to be with someone just because they dont want you to kill yourself if they leave? thats should have thought about this before you went out and got drunk & cheated. I dont know what to tell you...if she doesnt break up with you i honestly dont think she has half a brain.

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    You should seek help for yourself. But unfortunately if she does decide to leave you, it's your own fault. More people should think of the consequences of their actions first instead of think about them after they've already done the wrong.

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    Well you have to be honest with her, just be deeply apologetic and say you don't expect her to stay with you and you know you've done wrong. But if it was me, I couldn't stay with someone who'd cheated on me if I knew about it.

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    well write her a poem ....expressing your feelings of all what has happened...write a letter to her ...

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