Need For Speed Pro Street? Drag Race?

im doing a drag race (and being an idiot) i never listened to the instructions... can you please tell me how to drag race my engine keeps blowing.. im fine with the wheel burnin"

and when can i get to the garage to customize my car cuz i cant find it anywhere?!?

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    First off, in order to shift a perfect shift... you have to wait until the RPM reavhes the green point on the bar on the right. And to find the garage, when your on the CAREER race days, go to the very end. It should say garage, go to it and it will take you to the career main menu screen. In order to change your car:

    1st; do what i said above to get to the garage.

    2nd; When your at the garage, go to the tab that says garage.

    3rd; When your there, go to garage,(for the 3rd time), and your cars should be there.

    In order to buy cars, do steps 1 and 2 above then instead of garage, go to Car Lot and you'll be able to buy cars. But some specific cars you must unlcok buy completing showdown races or...


    Get ready to read....

    Here are the cheats if you don't know them:

    NOTE: no cheats so far for the DS.

    2nd NOTE: These codes can only be used once, except for the codes; UNLOCKALLTHINGS and LEIPZIG. These two codes are probably the codes you'll usse the most.

    Cheat mode

    Enter Career mode. Select the "Secret Code" option at the menu. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Most codes can only be enabled once. Therefore it is recommended that the auto-save option be disabled before using the codes in the event you wish to revert the game to its original state.

    Master code

    Enter UNLOCKALLTHINGS to unlock the all Race Days, all the cars,(even the ones that can only be unlocked by downloading the Collector's Edition).


    Enter 1MA9X99 as a code for $2,000.

    Enter W2iOLLO1 as a code for $4,000.

    Enter L1iS97A1 as a code for $8,000.

    Enter CASHMONEY as a code for $10,000.

    Enter REGGAME as a code for $10,000 and some cars including the Chevrolet Camaro Concept, Ford Mustang GT 500, and Nissan R34 Skyline.

    Five free repair markers (and Total Repair markers as I was told)

    Enter SAFETYNET as a code.

    Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI In Career mode

    Enter ZEROZEROZERO as a code.

    Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 in Career mode


    Castrol Syntec decal in vinyls

    Enter CASTROLSYNTEC as a code.

    Energizer lithium decal in vinyls

    Enter ENERGIZERLITHIUM as a code.

    K&N decal in vinyls

    Enter HORSEPOWER as a code.

    Prequel bonus

    Have a saved game file from Need For Speed Carbon to receive $10,000, five small repair markers, and five large repair markers.

    Easy money

    Enable the code,(UNLOCKALLTHINGS), then go to the car lot. You will find a red ACURA INTEGRA available for $0. You can sell it for $7,200 and can repeat this as many times as desired. You can also sell the other cars obtained when that code is enabled. If you do this like around 80x's, you'll have enough $$$ for the Pagani Zonda F.

    Also, only if you sold the 240SX you had at the beginning of the game, if you enter this code, (LEIPZIG), you can get it back, but not instantly,

    1st: Enter the codes, (UNLOCKALLTHINGS) and (LEIPZIG).

    2nd: Go to the main menu and go to Race Day

    3rd: Choose any race day and when it says choose cars, there should be a tab that says Bonus cars, pick career cars and either the:

    Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    Dodge Viper

    Pontiac GTO

    and the Nissan 240SX should pop-up.

    4th: Go back to the main menu, choose career, go to garage, choose garage, again, and you can sell the Cobalt for around 15K, the 240SX for around 11K, the Viper for 44K and the GTO for around 15 to 20K.

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    this is a game right? shift hard and fast. wait till 4x rpm to shift.

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    Where can I find this game

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