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how can i stop my cat from jumping up on the table at meal times?

help please!!!

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    I answered this above

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    That handy squirt bottle.

    But more to the point, do a set-up, pretend meal simply for the purpose of training the kitty.

    Set the table

    Sit at the table

    Squirt the cat when it hops up

    Be prepared for the possible mess this may cause.

    Do it a couple more times. As a set-up for training purposes. That way it is not disruptive for you and the cat will make its own choice over jumping on the table and getting wet or not. And it's about 99% effective. I want to say it's 100%, but in today's litiguous society I wouldn't think of it.

    So 99 it is.

    :) Hope some of our solution suggestions work for you.

    Source: In animal behavior over 35 yrs and over 25 as a professional and also my own personal experiences with goofy animals....

    Easy way: put the cat in another room at mealtimes.

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    I have problems with my cat getting up on counters and our lizard's aquarium, and after trying to set up "booby traps" for her, the only thing that worked was getting a water gun and zapping her when I caught her up there.

    If she was getting on the table while I was eating I'd just lock her in another room during meals.

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    It's normal behavior & when they are hungry or want to share your food this is one of the things they will do to 'ask' you for it.

    Put the cat in a different room and shut the door until your finished eating your meal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Give the table a loud bang and shout at her to get off. That's what I did and she never got on the table again. You could also squirt her with a water bottle if that don't work.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My cat was curious about my food from the first day that I got her. So, when my food is almost ready to eat, I warm her up a little wet food. She gets full, cleans herself then just wants to laze around and has little interest in what I am doing.

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    take a pop can and put pennies in it and when it gets up on the table shake the can

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    lock her out of the room

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