is there a legal limit to how many methadone pills can be prescribed at once?

my mother recently passed. i found out that she was prescribed 412 pills in the 2 previous days prior. 180 were methadones.considering it is one of the leading killers,180 at a time is insane. toxicology report isn't completed,but out of the 412 pills,only 21 remain. there were 4 different prescriptions in 2 days. my dad died of a methadone overdose. both parents had the same doctor,methadone was the last medication for both and both died less than 24 hours after being prescribed methadone. lawyer i spoke with said i can't hold doctor liable if there was an overdose.

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    There's a limit if you are getting it through a methadone clinic. If you are getting it for pain management, than there is no limit. Narcotics have no maximum dose. If I saw a high volume prescription for any narcotic prescription, I would at least contact the doctor.

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    4 years ago

    The clinics are intended to aid people who're hooked on heroine or different opiates, which includes specific painkillers. they are frequently spoke of methadone clinics with the aid of dependancy professionals or different medical doctors. Methadone is intended to be extra secure with the aid of fact it does not produce a "extreme" and if heroine or opiates is keen approximately it, the guy does not sense a "extreme" from the medications. notwithstanding, as methadone has effects of its very own, care would desire to be taken as to who receives to circulate to those clinics. In Ontario, that is considered as a treatment in touch in many human beings ... our information went up from 3 hundred human beings in 1995 to over 14,000 in 2006, utilising those clinics ... somebody would desire to be asking questions as to why such fairly some extra all and sundry is utilising this drug/therapy and no rely if that is appropriate for each and each guy or woman referred there.

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    Yes, there is.

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