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Speech about the Amendments?

I need to write a speech about the Amendments. What should I hit upon? What Amendments may be enacted in the future?

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    The amendments to the constitution are important documents. In your speech I would consentrate on what the amendments represent in changing the Constitution and the process for getting them added. You can find a large amount of information on amendments through accessing the search engines. This will give you some background on specific amendments and how they were approved for addition to the U.S. Constitution.

    After discussing the process I would consentrate on specific amendments such as the Bill of Rights which make up the 1st ten amendments. I would focus on those in which you have a keen interest in the topic of the amendment as your interest will show in the content of the speech you write.

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    How long is your speech, A speech has an outline. Each state has issues that are being addressed as we speak according to their legislative sessions regarding our freedoms and the Constitution. The bill of rights is too long to talk about in a speech in depth, un less you talk about it in the context of why it was written. Forget about concentrating on a specific part of it. Focus on the issue as a whole and address it as in that way. Apply it as it stands to us as Americans and what freedom means. What are the first five freedoms ? Do you know ? That is how you can begin your speech.

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    I would definitely mention something about "the right to bear arms" - I once had to research it for school. Basically this right initially meant that citizens had a right to stand up to a tyrannic government by using force. Nowadays, its meaning is pretty blurry with all the concern over owning guns. I wouldn't be surprised if something changes with this Amendment in the future.

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