do i have a good chance getting into texas A&M?

I'm currently a senior in high school, i applied to different schools in Texas (i'm a resident). But i'm mostly worried about admissions intoA&M in College Station because it's the school I want to attend the most. i really want to be a aggie

I'm in the top 35% of my class of 708, my gpa is a 3.7ish, i've taken all the required coursework I participated in 4 clubs at school, i played basketball in sophomore year and im currently in choir, and i had 70 hours of volunteering i went to one of their admissions workshop thing, i heard that helps.

my SAT score is a 1630 which in my opinion sucks . i have 500 on verbal, and 680 on math

im taking it again this saturday decem 1st

because this is the last chance

So with that being said, what are my chances at admission into either of these schools? If anyone can give me some serious feedback/tips/comments i'd appreciate it.


my school is a quite competitive one

Update 2:

and my seniors courses are

AP gov

AP bio

AP comp science



PreAP precal

Update 3:

PreIB spanish

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