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I do not know if it is just me, but I see life from another point of view. Everythign I do or see is unique. I like living everyday as if it was my last. When I smile I smile with pride, when I talk I talk with confidence. When I listen to music I listen like every word is talking straight to me. You can go ahead and call me narcissistic (if you even know what that means) I just want to know if anybody else feels the way I do? I mean it is not even that life is good. I mean I life in probably the most boring town in the Us. and I do not have that great of a family life. The only good thing in my life is my girlfriend and I only get to see her once every four weeks and I have not seen my mom in over a year because she lives in Ok. and I live in Ga. but I do not is just good. What about you?

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    Life is fantastic! Even on a bad day... Everyday I send a Thank you out there... A smile & a simple "thank you"! Plus, I remind myself that "I AM HAPPY"!

    I was told recently from someone very special to me, that I was above average because I leave ppl with a part of me every time we part... I always wondered about that... to have it confirmed reminded me of my self worth, & that passing on a smile or a pay it forward has it's rewards! Don't think I haven't seen some really hard times, because I have. Those times may have looked like a bike wreck to other's who have heavy duty problems, but none the less, they were mine. I chose to take the Happy Road instead of the one filled with dread & unfullfilling drama! If I can smile, then maybe someone else can too! It's only as bad as we allow it to be!

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    i feel the same way i have had my mother pass away and 2 sisters one younger and one older but i still always feel happy about life because i want to make the best of what time i have here before my time is up i dont want to miss out on anthing god has had in store for me and when my time comes i dont want to regret anything i have done like be mean to any body or say anything bad to make someone's feeling get hurt i just treat people good and help as much as i can with what ever comes my way and be appy for what i have not take anything for granted so you stay happy go lucky i will too

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    I agree! I have finally gotten to the point that life and career are in sync. I enjoy things that I used to hate only because I enjoy "me". This is the first time that I really love myself. Since I feel that way everything else falls into place.

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    There is nothing wrong with having a very positive outlook on life. I do. It will make you happier and healthier than other people. I try to find good in everything.

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