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Is buying binoculars in Japan cheaper than the US.?

I'm planning on going to Japan in the near future for vacation. I know Nikon is a good optics company in Japan. I was wondering if it was cheaper to buy some high end binoculars in Japan. I know birding is very popular in Japan. I've been to Akihabara before and couldn't really find what I needed. Does anyone have any idea where to go in Japan to buy some good optics. My main concern is the price. Would it be sustantialIy cheaper since the binoculars are made in Japan? I will be staying around the Tokyo area. Thank you


aishiteru2007-Thanks for you answer but I too have been to Japan.(Lived there tor 4 years and vacationed there last year) There is always an except to the rule and I have found some stuff cheaper(Not much). I was just curious if anyone here had any experience with buying binoculars.

Update 2:

boohoo_Jebus-Thanks for your post. Can you tell me some of your experience or was that just a guess? Well, I know some binoculars of Nikon are made in China and the higher-end stuff made in Japan.

Update 3:

TokyoE-I like your post. I think it is very much true but there are few exceptions that I have found with the electronics parts. I was in Japan 95-99 and not really into optics. So that is why I don't really know about the binoculars in Japan.

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    The price range at Yodobashi Camera.

    Nikon sprintIV 8×21 CF [5,229 yen] - Action VII 10-22×50CF [22,785 yen] and above.....

    Here is the price list (all Nikon). I think you can flip the pages in Japanese.

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    It is more expensive in Japan. Electronics and consumer goods tend to be a tad more expensive there then in the US. The only advantage Japan has over buying in the US is that there is much more selections of items to choose from, rather then lower costs. Not withstanding the bad exchange rate at the moment too.

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    Nothing is cheaper to buy in Japan. I grew up there and really, it's one of the more expensive countries in the world. Even if the yen rate is particularly high that day it would still be cheaper to buy your binoculars in the States.

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    No. Sometimes things will be even higher. Nikon isn't cheap anywhere...And not eveything is made in Japan.

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