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does he like me??????

ok im in 8th grade ive never had a boyfriend i think its cause im emo but anyways.i never have guys talk to me or look at me or call me pretty.but theres these 2 guys i think that might like me one talks to me on myspace and he aways comes up behide me and taps me then i turn around and hes not there then he laughs also.when i had a guy ask me if im a girl or a boy he was pissed off and i was swearing says how can he not know that your a girl you have long hair and dress like one he was the only one that did that so does he like me or what idk?????the other guy he doesnt talk to me but he throws stuff at me and then when i look at him he smiles and looks guilty and says i didnt do it.also when i talk to him he looks at me and smiles idk what do u think???do those guys like me ???


also on the second guys myspace it says that he likes girls with blonde hair and blue eyes and thats what i have so idk but he hasnt added me

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    He most certainly likes you (the myspace guy), but he's probably never had a girlfriend and he doesn't know how to make the first move. You have two options: wait or make the first move by asking him upfront if he likes you and then control him like a marionette once you've got him, lol. If he's too weak to tell you how he feels upfront, wasting time then he's probably really easy to control once you've got him ;).

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