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What new baseball glove to get?

I am a pitcher and in the market for a new glove. I had the rawlings pro preferred 11.5. I either want to get the same glove or the louisville slugger pro flare series. Has any one used the flare series before or is there another kind of glove i should look into.

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    Nokanas are amazing.

    Hands down the best out there.

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    rawling is the way to go, you will be dissapointed if you switch to a louisville slugger, the leather is just not the same. the Gold Glove series or Heart of the Hide are both good choices

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    I pitched in college, and used a black rawlings PRO200-9JB.

    The glove is 11.5 inches and I loved it. I like black gloves when pitching, just because its darker and harder for the batter to see through holes in the webbing. Very comfortable glove and good quality! Like I said, I personally loved it! Good luck!

    ps - I wouldn't go with Nokona. The leather is really soft, and not good for baseball in my opinion. It's good leather, but I think your best bet would be to stick with Rawlings. The Nokona gloves tend to be really flimsy once broken in.

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    I like the Rawlings Sandlot series gloves.

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  • nokona or rawlings is the way to go.

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