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Would suggest for this type of woman to use birth control?

If a 24-30 year old woman used to have regular periods, but recently due to stress and overweightness is missing her period regular and actually requires medication to get it back, would you suggest that if she wanted a baby (for later) but not right now to use birth control if she chose to have sex with other men than the one she decides to marry or have the baby by? Like use the birth control until she's ready even though she's not having regular periods?

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    Well, I would recommend that she see her doctor to discuss her options and her concerns because it sounds like she has a lot of issues going on. She might want to get checked for PCOS (I was diagnosed a couple years ago and life is so much better now that I'm on the right meds)

    Birth control now will not prevent getting pregnant in the future (once she stops taking it). Birth control can also help regulate periods.

    All this being said, if she's not ready for a baby she better be using birth control or and IUD AND condoms. No birth control is 100% sure and if she's not ready for a baby she either needs to not have sex or double, triple protect herself. Which also isn't certain.

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    I was put on birth control when I was 16 to regulate my periods so I think it would be a good idea. The only down fall is that she may not be able to get pregnant right away after being on the pill. I know a couple women who tried for over a year before they got pregnant but with me I stopped taking mine in June and conceived in mid just depends on the woman.

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    As long as her doctor doesn't disagree, it would be great because she will be at less of a risk of getting pregnant while having fun (obviously that's what she wants to do right now), and it may regulate her period, too. I say go for it!, but since she does have that problem, just make sure the doc says it won't hurt anything or her chances of ever getting pregnant.

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    Yes, birth control would be a good idea. My sister had PCOS and has really irregular periods so her doctor put her on birth control to regulate her periods.

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    Irregular periods or not, the basic fact is that if you do not want to get pregnant then you should use birth control to make sure that you don't. Easy as that. Choosing not to use birth control is irresponsible if you don't want to get pregnant.

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    going on birth control will help regulate your period. you should definately go on birth control if you don't want to have a kid right now. this won't prevent you from having them in the future.

    good luck!

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