Yes, does anyone in here,knows how to changed pdf files in a mac to doc. or txt files. Thanks! god bless.?

Im trying to send my work resume to hot jobs, but somehow, it doesn't allow me to do that? i dont know how to change or comvert txt. doc. files?? thanks to all!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    in my experience it's difficult, maybe impossible.

    There are lots of ways to create pdf files (i.e., depending how Adobe Acrobat is installed you might be able to use MS Word to make a doc file, then push a buttom to convert it to pdf, you can do the same thing with MS Excel, or you might make a pdf file with Adobe PageMaker, etc.) So the easiest way is to use whatever application was used to create the original file and then re-create the pdf file.

    Also note: pdf files have security settings that can make it impossible to edit them.

    That said, Adobe Acrobat does have some ability to edit and make changes in existing pdf files.

    There is another possibility - Scansoft have a product called pdf converter professional 2 which (they claim) not ony allows you to make pdf files from any windows application but also converts any pdf file into a MS word file for editing. They keep mailing me about it, last price was $59.95.

    You don't have to have adobe acrobat to make pdf files. For over a year now I have been using 602pro Print Pack software which only cost about$20 but enables me to make quality pdf files from any windows application.

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    Bring up the PDF file. Under "edit" use the "select all" (or right click and use "select all"). Hit Ctrl + C to copy and then open a new word document. Hit Ctril + V in the new document to paste. That should work.

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    You can only convert it to a photo format, like JPG. If you wish to get your text into a text editor, just open the PDF in Preview and select all the text and copy it. Sorry, it's easy to convert to PDF, but not easy to convert from it.

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