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u say females are most beautiful? think again.. perhaps true with humans?

i have seen many other animals, and found that in most animals male has a beautiful figure then female

look at

1) elephant it has trunk (tooth), absent in female

2) peacock has nice feathers that makes it look elegant

3) lion has beutiful beard and looks that gives a feroceous look then female

most male animals have beautiful body then females.

did u notice such things?

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    I agree with you to a point...think about birds ....the more colorful and prettier ones are the males! Humans look at each other and agree that they think the other is good looking.

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    It is true, in every species the male is the most attractive. Take the Lion for instance, he has a large mane, he has the beard, etc. or how about the male deer with his horns. The male birds are the ones with the colors while the females are usually brown in color. The males are the ones who have to entice the females, they have to be able to show their strength and stamina to attract the females in order to mate. The female will naturally be attracted to the strongest males, that's what keeps that particular species going. I think it's the same way for mankind as well. Our culture puts the spotlight on the female, the cosmetic industry and holywood perpetuate that as well. Ultimately, the female still looks to the male for strength and security. She will use whatever means she can to entice a male, makeup, dress, etc. but in the end she will base her decision on his strength's...

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    Infact, is funny how most male species are more attractive in the animal world...(the male animals/birds are always more colourful in order to attract a mate)

    But in humans it seems to be the complete opposite.

    Interesting question ~Have a star~

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    I tend to stay within my species in terms of finding attractive members. However, usually the male has more attractive features because that is what attracts the females to mate with them.

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    most male animals need the pretty things on them then the female b/c if they want to mate, they've got to have something that will attract a female to mate with them just like humans want to be attractive!

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    Calley D is beautiful

  • Anonymous
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    a peacock its beautiful

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