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Turkey Rolls?

I am looking for the name of an appetizer..all I can remember is that they have turkey, cream cheese, and either pecans or walnuts in them and they are cut into bite size wraps. Can someone please tell me the names of these little yummy boogers and where to find the recipe? I haven't has them since I was a kid and I am looking to have them for my wedding reception.

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    I had a friend who used to make these simply by spreading cream cheese on flour tortillas, covering with a nice sliced, maybe even smoked (especially yummy) turkey and sprinkling with toasted chopped pecans.

    Another variation that she did was to sprinkle the the creamed cheese with grated orange cheddar and chopped black olives. Also super yummy.

    In either case, you roll the tortillas, place them seam side down on a tray and cover till serving time. They will stand several hours. Slice about 1/2 inch thick.

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