I was aked if I was going to give my boss a x-mas gift, didn't relly plan on it, so what to give?? Sugestions


what about a CD? A music cd? Is that to person?

Update 2:

Do you think giving my boss a music CD is to personal?

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    IF you give a gift - give nothing personal! Career experts actually say that it is not really a super idea to give your boss a gift. If you do, make it something like a basket of jams from a local farm, or homemade cookies - not flowers, jewlery or cologne. You could also give a christmas card (not a religous one) thanking him/her for something they did/do that you really appreciate.

    Don't give a gift if NO one else in the office does - it will be seen as brown nosing.

    Perhaps you and your coworkers could pool funds and purchase a joint gift for the boss - this way no one person is singled out as brown nosing the boss. You (jointly) could purchase a gift card to a nicer local restaraunt for the boss and his/her spouse, or one very nice golf club (if he/she is a golfer).

    Don't feel like you HAVE to give a gift, a general rule of thumb in the work place is to give down (to your own employees) but not to give up (to those over you)

    personally I think you should forgo the wine, what if he or she is a recover alcoholic or an abstainer or has family members that are, what if he/she just doesn't like wine - or is a wine connesouer (spelling?) - if so then they may be very picky about what they like.

    I would say that, yes a music CD is too personal -musical tastes are very different, some people don't like cds and use Ipods, or if they like the cd they may already have it. What about 2 tickets to the movie theater? You could package it in a popcorn bucket (dollar section at target) along with 2 boxes of movie theater sized candy. - unless of course your boss is a diabetic - in which case that would be bad. I think you should just skip a gift altogether, many of the big career websites advise against. My dh works for a fortune 200 company, he recieves a small gift (10 dollar range) from his boss each year and he does not give a gift, nor do his co-workers give a gift to the boss.

    If you really want to give something, get a very small premade pepridge farms gift box and a warm card or if you know he likes starbucksm then maybe some starbucks coffee beans and a mug.


    If he is an office space fan (WHO isnt?) than a Red Swingline Stapler!


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    You cant go wrong with a bottle of wine, you can get a nice bottle for under $20.

    Is the boss buying you all presents? If not it probably would make him/her uncomfortable receiving from others.

    At my work we put names in a hat and do a gift exchange a few days before Christmas, you might try to suggest this instead.

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    Usually the employees have a pool where they chip in money (usually about $10) and purchase a gift from all of you.

    If you don't have the resources to get him a gift, try suggesting that you all chip in and get him something really nice.

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    I believe a gift should come from the heart. If you hadn't planned on it, don't just give on because someone asked you. If you weren't going to give one for financial reasons, I would just get them a card and write a nice messgae on it.

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    give him a bottle of wine

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    if ur boss is a guy then get him perfume, if is a she then get her like a bath set

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