can anyone honestly tell me if you use variables in equations at your job?

all those letters they put with numbers in math just confuse me more. honestly...when will i ever need to know that in life?

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    if you get into computers, you will have more variables that you can count in your code.

    If you are the type that says when will I ever use this in real life, you would be surprised. Don't question why you need to learn algebra, just be glad you did down the road.

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    You actually use variables without even knowing it. For example, say you went to the store and wanted to get something for three friends. You only had 18 dollars and you wanted to get something for each of them that was the same price. You wouldn't probably jump to the conclusion that you needed to spend six dollars on each, but your brain is actually doing the variables. This is what you're acutally thinking in that split second

    3x=18, where x= amount per friend, 3 = number of friends, and 18 = number of dollars. 3x divided by three equals 18 divided by 3. Cancel the three and x must equal 6! :)

    As for using them in jobs, my boyfriend does research that requires him to do statistical math, which mainly involves things like variables. You should be glad that variables are often used in work, but calculus is not! :)

  • im going to be an architect and i will need to measure the area of a space and i will have sides that are probably to long to measure or something and that will call for variables


    something like that

    but it is going to be use full

    even if you are going to be a pediatrician

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    I work with software and variables can be a HUGE part of programming.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, not only at work but at home too.

  • falcon
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    I use them all of the time.

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