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question below?

: you are an English imperialist give 2 main reasons why we should participate in the growing of territory in the rest of the world. Why we wanted Asia and Africa. Describe one problem in each area

After ww2 looking back a the imperial era do u think what the imperial power did was a good idea

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    England needs new resources, goods and, trading places. She needs to expand in order to counter the expansions of rivals.

    Asia had the spices of note and a number of other goods. Africa has strategic location, particularly in the Sinai and the South of it to control trade routes.

    Asia is too far away for fast communications. Africa is too heavily contested by other powers.

    Imperial expansion was a good thing and a bad thing.

    It allowed for the development of many things because of the additional resources for research and experimentation. Those same advances were then spread to the empire, enriching the subjects as well. The more built up the empire in infrastructure, the better the benefits for everyone in it.

    The same infrastructure and advances that were given to the colonies were then used to attack the empire, and are still being used today to kill people.

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