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How much should I feed my 7 week old great dane?

I am feeding him about 2 and a half cups of kibble now. He is having problems keeping his stool hard. His poo is hard about half the time. I wanted to switch his food from the breeders food (iams) to canidae, but I figured I should wait until his stools are regular. I heard that over eating the pup can cause diarrhea so I tried the not feeding him for a day and it helped for about one poo. I put some plain yogurt into his food and that helped for 2 days and now its back. I am taking him to the vet in 5 days hopefully they can help. But for the mean time I am worried.

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    It's okay to switch his food, just do it slowly. You should switch over a 6 day period of time. 2 days should be 25% new food 75% old food, 2 days should be 50% of each food and the last 2 days should be 75% new food adn 25% old food.

    Iams is a really bad dog food so switching will not only help to keep the stool hard but also give your dog a healthy start. Talk to your vet about the BEST food for giant breeds. I know puppies should be switched to adult dog food around 1 year of age however Giant breeds should be switched around 6 months of age.

    This website has AWESOME information specifically for Graet Dane feeding - amount, schedule and why you should feed the way you feed.

    Good Luck

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    You will probably never get regular solid poop while feeding Iams. You should slowly start switching now to the Canidae.

    How come you have such a young puppy anyhow? You have had him to the vet for vaccination, and worming? Someone who would let a dane puppy go so young, very likely didn't worm them either. At very least, take a stool sample in to the vet.

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    You are going to get a lot of different recommendations in the what to feed area. We breed Cane Corso Mastiffs as well as have a lab/setter mix. All of my dogs are on the BARF or Biologically appropriate raw foods diet. The rule of thumb we use is about 3 1/2% of there weight a day. So for an example, Zeus, my male mastiff is a year old and weights 120lbs. so he eats about 4.5lbs of food a day On a normal day in the morning he will get a chicken back, a thigh leg combo and yogurt with cottage cheese and honey. For dinner he may get 4 beef ribs and a chicken breast. I know your possibly thinking wait, thought not to give chicken bones to dogs. It is cooked bones that are dangerous due to them splintering. Since having all my dogs on the BARF diet, they are healthier, there pooping less plus it does not smell. Grains are something a dog does not digest well. Mine also get carious veggies in there diet and vary them as well as one may love squash but the other one hates it. I also raise all of our litters on the same diet but make them a mash to start with. there is a lot of information out there on the BARF diet and you will also see a lot of people against it. Look at it this way: prior to all the commercial dog foods, everyones dogs ate leftovers and the same things we do,. sure there are certain foods to stay away from and like a child introduce something new slowly so to be sure that they do not have a problem with it. If your dog was out in the wild they would not be going to the store to get kibble. They would eat what they would hunt and fine which would not be mostly grains. Sure they would get some because of what there prey ate. Good luck don't hesitate to email us if you have any questons

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    um its the iams. Take him off of it for about 24 hours and then put him on the Canidae. the stool isn't gonna get any better while he is eating that crap. Hes a growing dog that is going to get huge! he needs to eat. sure limit it to a degree, but hes gonna need a lot of food to keep up with how quickly he grows.

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    I have a 7month old Great Dane, and when she was a pup, we fed her what what the bag said for her height and weight, I know when we first got her, she had diarrhea, b/c we were trying to switch her dog food... The breeder we got her from was feeding them all Ol Roy.. Have you switched his dog food recently? If so maybe try putting what he's used to eating in with what you are feeding him now. Congrats on your new puppy!!! Have fun while he's small, they grow so fast!!

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    probably best sticking with what he's used to whilst he's settling in and until he sees the vet, the fact hes eating and passing stools is a good sign, but obviously you would rather it be harder, the food bag should have a rough guideline of how much to give him but i'm sure the vet will recommend a large or x-large breed dog food for you the science plans ones by hills are vetenery promoted as it aids problems for the future it stops large dogs getting too big too quickly which eases future problems with joints it was explained to me for my german shepherd but your dog will be bigger than he will be so its important to give the correct amount

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    You need to call your Veterinarian right away & follow his/her advice. Ther food may not be right for him & could cause lots of digestive problems, so contact a Vet.

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    no, you're wrong... he needs to eat truffles

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