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my wireless lan?

i use a secure wireless lan vis sky digital if that matters,when searching for my network it also displays a couple of other networks including a unsecure computer to computer icon,first of all what would happen if i tried to connect to the unsecured computer to computer network ?

SECOND OF ALL ive been told that people can still get onto my network even though its secure,how would they be doing this ?


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    I dont know the answer to # 1 but # 2 if you are secured you should be password protected,, I once found that my wireless network was being used by another person and they were sucking up all my fair access policy Mb and it kept kicking me into a mode slower than dialup, I then caled my IP and talked to them and the helped me make my wireless conection failsafe by protecting it with a password and you should be able to do the same if you havent alrerady,,

    if you want to make sure no onwe can use your connection then disable wireless and put a usb cable from you wireless to the computer then noone can hack it

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    Connecting to another unsecured computer will simply provide networking between your system and the other system alone (but won't necessarily give you Internet access).

    People can get into your wireless connection if:

    - You do not update your router's firmware

    - You use a "weak" password that can be "cracked"

    - You leave certain ports (facing the outside world) open on your router.

    - One of your systems downloads a "dialer" virus or rootkit, whose activities appear valid to your router since the activity is coming from the inside of your network.


    Change your router's security protocol to WPA2 (if available), use a stronger password that combines numbers, letters, and special characters, and change your access control lists on your router to shut down any port that is not being used on your network (this step will take researching all of your applications and what ports they use to connect to the Internet). Hope this helps... Good luck!

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    I get the computer to computer icon also, its because there are other wirless computers near you. If sharing is open on that PC and you connect to it you can share files between the two computers. Connecting to it should not hurt your PC but I can't say for sure if you don't know whos computer it is.

    If you open your wireless network proporties and click the advance buttion on the wireless tab you can set your computer to ignore computer to computer networks by selecting Acess point networks.

    Yes its is possable for a hacker to crack your network security and acess your network but its unlikly and is just as likly, if not more with a hard wired connection.

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    If you connect to the other networks and if the owner of them is quite good in the IT field he will either hack/takeover your PC or if he/she is nice they will tell you to stop. Using another person's wifi is called leaching and it is illegal in some places if I remember correctly.

    People can get into your network even though its secure by intercepting your packets and passing them through a wep/wpa cracker. This will give them the password to your network and they will be able to use it. Airsnort and aircrack are popular to use to get the password for a secure network.

    Source(s): Used airsnort and aircrack before. 8 years in the IT field
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    to make your network secure you need to go to router config file and change it so it will only accept your mac addresses and your ip addreses plus you can disable any wan requests and turn on firewall on your network card by going to network properties. Plus you can change your admin password and secure all your shares it will make it secure enough.

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