Meaningul Christmas gift for a 6-7 month old?

Our son is 6 months old and will be almost 7 months by Christmas. We have very little money, I'm working part time and I don't want to load him up with a bunch of toys. Both sets of grandparents are going to spoil him rotten for Christmas so I want to get him ONE meaningul gift that we eventually put away for when he is older to mark his 1st Christmas. We already got the 1st Christmas ornament at the baby shower this summer. I suppose I could buy my own but any other suggestions?

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    Hallmark sells little ornaments that you can write your baby's name and birth date on to hang on the Christmas tree for many years to come.

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    If you are posting here, I assume you have a PC running Windows of some sort. Download PhotoStory from the Microsoft Website. It's free! Then get several of your favorite digital pictures and a favorite song or two on cd. Photostory will allow you to create a very professional looking movie of your pictures along with the song (s) of your choice.

    You'll have a great family memory forever. If you have a CD burner, you can burn a disc and watch it from most dvd players. When he's a little older, he'll probably ask to see his special video regularly.

    If you don't have a digital camera, they are very reasonable these days. Perhaps you can pool all the christmas money this year and buy a single "family" gift or a digital camera. The memories will last forever. Basic ones can be had for less than $50.

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    For a baby that age, if the grandparents are going to be getting them plenty of toys, I would probably get him clothes if he needed them and a coat if he doesnt already have one...

    But as far as something to put away for him... my husbands grandfather started doing this every year from when he was a baby at xmas time and his birthday, he bought him a savings bond a couple times a year. Most of them were $50 face value, and you pay half of the face value so $25... my husband just got all these savings bonds from all these years, the earliest one that was bought for $25 is worth $81 now and still not fully mature. I think that is such a neat gift, we are going to start giving my daughter small savings bonds like that for her b-days and xmas's so she can have a little nest egg in the future.

    Also another thing, go to They have alot of keepsake things that you can have engraved. Maybe you could get him a silver rattle or something and engraved his Name and put Christmas 2007 or something on it. I love that store!!! Good luck.

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    I would get a nice silver picture frame...have the Christmas date engraved on it and put a picture of the whole family on Christmas day in it. That would be memorable and something to treasure....BUT not a gift.

    I wouldn't worry too much about saving his first christmas present....get him something that he can play with and enjoy. I mean that's what Christmas is about anyways isn't it? Bringing joy to another person?

    I didn't have a ton of money when my first was born....PLUS I was in the Navy and was traveling back to base with him the very next I bought him literally 3 things...stuff that I could bring back with us. We still don't go over board at Christmas. I mean our kids gets gifts, toys, clothes etc all year long...I can't see spending a ton of money on them every year when it's just going to get broken or forgotten about in a few short months.

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    You just described my situation exactly. We have decided to do a shutterfly photo book of her first 6 months. Babies that age are more interested in the wrapping paper than the gift anyway, but I have noticed she loves to look at photos! We spend a lot of money on her on a day to day needs basis, so I don't feel bad about not getting her a bunch of toys.

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    I had the same problem last year. The only thing I can think of would be a nice nativity set - that you bought for his first Christmas. That would be something to pass on from generation to generation. He could say, "My parents bought this for my 1st Christmas" - also, for his first birthday, I would suggest a personalized birthday cup and birthday dish. This is something you will bring out every year for his birthday. I hope this helped.

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    Some good suggestions from the other posters. Another idea would be a xmas ornament that says Baby's First Xmas"

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    I am doing the same thing..just letting others buy the gifts..I did though get a build A bear for my daughter though ($13.00) and just left it naked, then next year and the years after I am going to take her to pick out outfits for it. She is 7 months now.

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    I would have him make a handprint. THey sell kits at Walmart and stuff where you can make a plaster imprint of his hand. Then you can write baby's first Christmas on it and have it forever. If you want to get him something he'll love, find a soft, cuddly blanket he can use when he naps and sleeps.

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    Portraits of his first Christmas?

    Special blanket with his name on it?

    Engraved set of silverware?

    Savings bond.

    Special Build a Bear animal?

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