No Bowel Movement 8 week old?

so my little man didnt have a bowl movement in two days and I called my doctor yesterday and she advised me to give him a baby lax which i insert into the rectum. I did that yesterday around 12 noon as soon as i inserted it he went poo..and then after that he went 4 more times on his own..he strained alot and was very unconfortable when he passed those 4 bowl movements well last night around 11 i noticed he was trying to poo and was crying in pain he has not gone poo again since last night at 11 pm.. He is breastfeed and recieves one formula feeding at night before bed...I have contacted my doctor to ask if I should give another baby lax the nurse adviced she would have her call me the mean time while i wait are there any mommys that any suggestions on what I can do without having to give a first time mom it normal for breastfeed babies not to have bowl movements everyday?

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    It is normal for breastfed babies of this age to begin skipping days. Breastmilk is used up very well by their bodies and they simply don't have a lot of waste. Some breastfed babies of this age only poop once a week. (But WATCH OUT when they go as it's usually a lot.)

    If he seems uncomfortable, try massaging his bellly in a clockwise motion or bicycling his legs. Other than that, there really is nothing you need to be doing as this is NORMAL.

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    Yes breast fed babies normally DONT have a bowel movement everyday and its perfectly normal. Some people will worry a lot about this but many medical professionals will tell you that even going 3 days without a poo at this age is fine. The only reason you need to give a baby lax is if your baby is constipated or in pain. If hes happy then don't worry. My son was breastfed and I got very worried one time when he didn't poo for 4 days!! but he was absolutely fine

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    Try moving the formula feeding to the middle of the day. That way when he's more active it will help push the poo out. Formula is kind of binding, so the breastmilk should help loosen it up and he won't be as constipated. Don't give him another lax though. It stimulates the need to push and then he'll strain himself when he really doesn't have to go.

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    Totally normal. My little girl went an astonishing 20 days without a bm. Nurse told us this is common with breastfed babies as their bodies use it all up. We gave a suppository and she went right away, but do not get dependent on them! Then she started going once a week, again totally normal for her age & diet. Now that she is eating solids, she goes daily.

    You're doing fine!

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    It is quite normal for a 8 week old not to bm every day. There are some good answers on the post titled "What can I do to help my 7 wk old who is very constipated and colicy?" which is only 40 minutes older than this post. Someone mentioned a tummy massage that seems like it would be worth trying while you wait. Good luck!

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