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skin question for u?

2 questions plz answer both if u can. i have oily skin do u know any good Gel face washes i can use? does this oil of olay stuff work as an anti aging? or should i use aveeno or buy something diff

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    Neutrogena has a gel cleanser that is oil free and is a gel form. Don't spend a lot on cleanser because it will only be on your face for 60 seconds and then you rinse it off. Invest more in a cream to treat the oily skin. Some great drugstore brands are Neutrogena, Cetaphil and Oil Olay. The best thing is to go to the store and look at each products individually.

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    I like anything Neutrogena. You might want to try that brand.

    Don't use oil on your face if you have oily skin.

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    wash your face daily use this cleanser stuff it helps alot i use it in the morning and before i go t sleep its called

    Hydro-Fresh cleanser foaming cream

    brand= L'OEAL


    you should try plus it depends what kind of skin you have

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