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Compare Machiavelli and Plato?

How are these two philosophers similar?

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    One had fewer issues getting his name spelt correctly

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    That is a HUGE question. I think it was an entire semester in university to read enough books on formulating the answers. Plato and Aristotle discussed political philosophies and laid out their thoughts on the good of man in society, education, corruption in man, the correct or ideal societies of mankind.

    Machiavelli was a more contemporary philosopher who you would say was more astute, and realistic about his thoughts on the achievement on the sources of political power, and how to keep it.

    I think that Machiavelli defined some basic political philosophies that found their way to current day MBA programs, and govern rules of engagement in the corporate arenas, and politics in a dog-eat-dog environment.

    Plato defined the high road of the same path. Machiavelli reminded every reader to pay heed to the thorny brambles.

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    Plato was more of a singular, behavorial philosopher and Machiavelli delved in a more generalized political philosophy. My favorite Machiavelli quote is: Wars begin where they will, but will not end where you please.

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    machiavelli never considered himself as a philosopher

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    They're similar in that they both wrote in the context of warring city-states on a peninsula.

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