I've just joined a new school. . . . . . finding it hard?

I am at a full boading school - and am a new girl. I think everyone hates me. I know I made a bad impression at first - but that wasnt me - I was just scared and homesick - now the girls in my house have already judged me and I am trying to be myself around them, but I dont seem to be able to. They are really nice girls and i can see myself getting along really well with them - there seems to be one girl who holds their influence over me. It hurts when im with them, emotionally my heart clenches, and my eyes water when I talk about them. It's not bullying. Although some people I've spoken to say it is. I dont know what to do and need a neutral suggestion. At the moment I recieve pity. The other new girls seem to be doing so well. I really need something, although I'm not exactly sure what.. . . . . .so I'm trying everything. . . . . even this . . . . .for inspiration. . . . . . .

. . . thank you. . . .

. . . x. . .

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    You should talk to some of the other new girls and see how there doing and become friends with them.Try and make friends with people you havent met yet than maybe they can get your house girls to try and be nice to you becuae i really think that you should try.you seem nice and im sure the girls will tear down there walls if you dotn give up!

    keep trying


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    Oh i know it must be hard! just keep trying to be their friend, but more importantly, keep in contact with your old friends! they'll support you! and maybe becoming freinds with the other new girls could help too! they'll understand where you're coming from if they are having a hard time, and even if they're not! Good Luck sweetie!

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    well dont let them get to you... if they cant be nice and try to make friendship with you maybe they are'nt the right friineds!!... there are plenty other girls and other ppl that you could easily be friends with and you dont have to be someone else or try so hard to be their friiend!!... if they cant give you that time a day to try to get to know you or hang with you then dont give them that time!1 dont waste your time on them and find somebody better to give your time away... but if you do think that you can be friends with them then go up to them yourself and talk to them like saying hows it goin'? what are you guys up to?!... just simple questions!!.. to get to know eachother more!!...

    Good luCk!

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    You should join clubs/sports/actitvities u like.

    that way, you'll meet new people who have common interests with you.......

    eventually everything will fall into pllace

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    1 decade ago

    coool....r u allowed co0mputers art boarding skl....lol.....

    soooo wat u jhneeed 2 dio is talk to a teacher

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