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Why was the Wavebird controller discontiuned?

In my opinion this was the best wireless controller for the game Cube of all time. I checked gamestop and they don't even have it. They had other wireless controllers, but none of them even compete with the WaveBird controller. The batter life is amazing and the controller is 100% accurate, never experienced any problems with it. I did find some online and eBay, but why did stores discontinue a great product. The other controllers are still being made.

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    The reason the WaveBird is no longer being produced is because it was made by Nintendo and the the GameCube is no long being produced. Same reason why the original NES controllers are no longer being produced.

    Other outside manufacturers might still be producing controllers for the GameCube but I will bet that they will be stopping here shortly too as the GameCube will no longer be sold neither will the games as they stopped making games for it too.

    Can you still purchase new N64 games and accessories...same answer.

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