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Should we all boycott The NFL NETWORK TONIGHT???

Its a great game tonight, but unless your fortunate you cannot whatch it. I actually have the NFL NETWORK, and have sent an Email to the NFL stating that I am boycotting the game tonight, despite how bad I want to see it... I may fold at about 10pm, But at least I know ESPN will be there to keep me up to date..

Maybe this will preassure the NFL to move the regualr season games, or even better Get rid of the Network all together..Fat chance on both, but maybe it will do something..........

For everyone's convenience I have provided the information to get to the contact page, to voice how you feel to the NFL.. Hopefully they will listen..

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    Go ahead...boycott...I'll just watch the game on Channel 12 (CBS) instead because I live in the local area....but I'll do you the favor or not watching it on 212.....

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    Why would you boycott the NFL Network? They are producing and airing a product that has a demand. This is just capitalism at work. Its not you god given right to watch this game tonight. If you wantto watch it, either get Direct TV, go somewhere like a sports bar or friend's house that does get it, or call your cable company and tell them that you want it, and let them know if you would be willing to pay extra for it. It would be the same as saying that boxing matches shouldn't charge for PPV.

    If some cable companies are paying for the right to show the NFL Network, then they have justified the cost.

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    It's not the NFL's fault that so many people don't get the channel. It's the big cable companies (Time Warner, Comcast) that want to make it part of a premium package that you have to pay extra for. The NFL doesn't want that to happen. The NFL wants it to come with the same package ESPN comes in, but the cable companies claim that they'll lose money if they sell it that way. It doesn't seem to be hurting Dish Network and Direct TV by having it in their basic package. My cable company carries the NFL Network and they seem to be doing just fine. If you want to blame someone, blame Ted Turner.

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    Nah. Invite your friends/neighbors who don't have it to see the game. I did.

    Everyone should boycott Direct TV because they locked up almost all games in their NFL package. Only Direct TV satellite customers that are willing to put out $130 on top of Direct's monthly fee can see as many games as used to be broadcast free.

    There usually fewer NFL games on Sunday now (even for this satellite subscriber) than way back when there were only three channels and a fraction as many teams.

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    Hey... Umm NO! It's not like the NFL Network is selecting who can watch. They're trying to get it on all cable. One of the reasons why some cable companies don't have a contract with them yet, is because the NFL Network wants to be part of the basic programming, not a premium add on. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Your beef is with your cable provider, not with the NFL Network.

    I have DirectTV and it's part of my basic package. Additionally, I'll be honest with you, it costs me $5 less per month than the same package on my local cable provider.

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    No, that's kindof stupid. If you get the station and you want to see the game then just watch it. I'm a MN fan living in MO, so I almost never get to see my team play, but am I going to Boycott Fox for not showing the game I want to watch? No. I'm going to complain about it and move on. Life's hard. I could get DirectTV and sunday ticket if I wanted to. Just like everyone that wants to see games on NFL network could pony up for DirectTV or Dish Network. NFL network is part of the basic packages for both.

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    Yes, the NFL has become a greedy corporation that does not care about the fan. Call 212 450 2000 (the NFL office in New York) and tell the NFL what you think.

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    Why not really hurt them and boycott the entire season as much as I hate to say it? I think that they are very stupid to block these games out before the network is even established. Every game that they have carried on my cable has been blocked out. This channel is ultimately worthless. Annoying announcers for there shows and they don't even get me interested in there channel by letting me watch games that I would not be able to see otherwise. You have to give me something to get my money and they haven't given me anything. For all I care my cable company could simply drop this crappy channel.

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    as usual,with all the hype about this game ,it will prbably suck big time juat like all the other crap the nfl feeds us dallas38 green bay16.....hey cheifs the nfl is the big company you jerk!they are the ones selling the product if they really want fans to watch their product they should make it more accesible.the only reason to put it on their own network is to build up the network and make more money off it and screw the fans (cable companys do not make the sched)

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    You should be protesting your cable carrier and not NFL network. Oh well, your choice but my bet says you will be caving at openning kickoff. I am sure there are other things to get fired up about other then a football game. You putting to much time and energy in this

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