Should i change formula?

Ok she was on similac advanced for th first 2weeks ready to feed and had some constipation and gas and i started the powder and now watery stool more fussy and gas so the doc said do isomil advanced but i read that it helps dirreah but i dont wont her to be constipated again really need help///

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    Is she Lactose Intolerant? If so your gonna need to keep her on a soy based formula for some time, yes it may cause constipation but there are things out there that help with it like Karo or even suppositories but if she is Lactose and you switch her to a non soy based formula it wll cause more painful gas, more fussiness and even loose watery stools which put her at risk for dehydration. If you have not taken her off Soy formula but have been trying different brands then continue to try the different brands until you find what works for her. If she is not Lactose but has an allergy to the milk then try Nutramigen, it's a hypoallergenic formula that helps babies who have an allergy toward cow's milk protein. It will do her no good if she is Lactose intolerant though.

    I had lots of problems with my baby girl, all she did was cry bloody murder day and night, she never slept, severe intestinal gas, spit most of her bottle up, she was always either constipated or had diarrhea, we took her to the doctor time and time again, they never did anything, we took her to the E.R because we knew this was not normal and all they had to say was she had a severe case of Colic, what? my daughter is not Colic i knew it for a fact. Well my husband and i finally decided to take matters into our own hands, we tried different formulas, then we decided to try her on Soy and Bam totally different baby after that, she hardly ever cried and she was a happy baby, thank god. I almost lost it. Now she does get gas and gets constipated which causes her to be fussy but it is nothing like it use to be, we just give her the Karo and she is good, we also give her mylecon drops if we notice she is getting gassy. We had my daughter on the Isomil Advance which she did really well on but because we now have her on WIC we had to switch her to Enfamil Soy which is not that bad either.

    hope i helped!

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    My baby was like this and started puking after 2 weeks. I switched her to a soy based formula (isomil, Good Start soy), and she has been fine since then. It took like 3 days for her to get completly on a normal schedule of eating and no puking but she was definatly binding up from the regular milk based formulas. I would switch to the isomil you'll see a big improvment.

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    Carnation Good Start is really good! But, always ask the doctor first. Your baby may be lactose intolerant. Our 4 month old is on Isomil and the doctor is switching her back to the Enfamil Lipil. There are so many formulas to choose from. If the stool is really dark she may be getting too much iron. Best check with the doc...

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    definitely do isomil, she is having a hard time digesting cows milk, she needs to try a soy formula. Babies tend to like the taste of isomil best, and the bright side? No more fussiness, and no more stained shirts. Soy doesn't stain like milk formula.

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    It's kind of a pain but I would switch off between the two to find a comfortable medium. Babies change constatnly so one formula causing one issue may go away with time. But in the mean time I would try to rotate formula with each bottle.

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  • my baby was the same way but she would also throw up her formula so i switched her to similac sensitive and she is a lot better... and if the gas continued use baby bliss gripe water it works wonders

    and no soy for babies especially boys

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    I used Prosobee. My grandson still had colic, but it was better with the Prosobee than anything else. Soy milk worked best for both of my children and all four of my grandchildren.

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    I went throught the same thing with 2 of my kids when they were babies. I switched both of them to Carnation Good Start Powder, worked like a charm.

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    do what the doctor says, just try it out, if that doesnt work or you dont want to try then go to another doctor an see what they have to say, maybe they might suggest something else, but for my oppinion breast milk is always best even if its only for a week, it is beyond healthy for the baby, well goodluck!!!

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    Give her a little prune juice if she is still constapated. She may be lactose intollerant so try lactose free milk. But enfamil lipil worked wonders for my little one and doctors said this milk was closest to breast milk.

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