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Wouldn't it be awesome if Infinity Ward co-developed the next Halo with Bungie?

Or even better, Infinity Ward co-develop the next Gears of War!!!

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    Bungie did not say that it was the last Halo game, but that it was the last game of that story arch. The previous poster would do well to follow his own advice. And now since Microsoft owns the Halo IP, Bungie has no say about what happens with Halo. As for Infinity Ward doing a Halo project or GoW, I don't think that would produce such a great result because they tend to go in a different direction than those titles are known for. Just making a good looking game isn't enough. Halo and GoW have their own char actor, and if that gets played around with to much then it will likely be a flop.

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    Rumours of Halo 4 or any other Halo projects will never be created (Except for the Film and the Halo wars). Bungie has said it publicly that Halo 3 will be the final series of the game. Why don't people nowadays listen to news and being so arrogant.....

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