What do new zealand think of the UK and Why?

i like new zealand but i am not sure what they think of us

So what do they think of us and our country.

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    Tahini is correct in saying many still feel connected to the U.K here in New Zealand 'especially I guess those whose descendants originate from there.

    However there is mixed opinion on whether or not we as a country should still be "attached" to Britian and honour a head of state so far away etc.

    My personal opinion is that while I have ancestors in Britian and Scotland I wished New Zealand was completely independant of the U.K.

    Honestly I dont know why we need them?

    New Zealand's Immigration Quota is very generous to many different cultures now too which is a mature and proactive move I beleive . Shows we are finally maturing and not seen as the young ,naive colonists anymore......

    Good Luck in youre future plans...

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    similar climates and weather, some of the white people still have a mother country thing for England.

    i like England, Liverpool, Stephen Gerrard, Beckham, all good stuff, i'm partial to English humour and film.

    most people here are fond of the English I have observed

    come over and have a blast


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    My sis lives there, I went to see her over christmas. we spent xmas in london and new years in south hampton. it was amazing! it's so different, I love the train systems, they're so much better than here. shopping was way better, different styles. kids are so rude..but whatever. my sis says that the only way the girls stay skinny is that they don't eat, because there was no one running around or doing anything physical.

    um..pasties, shopping at dark because it's night-time at 4.30pm, chavs, dr who? my sis is obsessed with that.

    tea and biscuits. coro st..i'm OBSESSED with that. but you guys are about a year ahead of us..o well. um, probs just mi sis and bf but organics, and also really good food-places, like portabello. oh i saw that mme tussauds has jonah lomus foot! gruel. open toed-shoes were just coming out then, so i remember that from sloane when we went to chelsea. I also remember that there were heaps of rusty apartments rightbeside these beautiful white houses.

    Overall I thought it was very orderly, and there was something about the bleakness that I really liked. AND boxing day sales, they were AWESOME

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    Hehe regular NZ peeps think u fellas are poofters. Nah just kidding. Depends if they watch Coronation Street. LOL

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    we all love the UK, we feel a connection to our motherland for sure, we love all your comedy (im not to keen on music from the UK) and people in general from the UK are tops, as long as we kick your *@*# in the rugby, we are kool, haha

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    The UK is still "home", somehow. NZ is an exported culture, a clone of the UK. We still feel very attached to the UK, and share the same head of state.

    In terms of people, my impression is that British people are so commonly encountered here that we simply consider them part of the establishment, and nice.

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    The only thing I think of the UK is that is not sunny enough, too cold for me bbbrrrr.....

  • isnt uk were they were those freaky top hats and suits everywhere and they drive carrages and they lokk like people out of peter pan?im serios are they?cos i dont think they are.

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