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What is the easiest way to go to Margarita island from St. Barth?

The only way I know of is to go from St. Barth to St. Martin to San Juan, to Venezuela and finally to Margarita Island...I am greatful for any infor or ideas. Thank you.

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    Looks like, that is the only way from St Barth. I would fly to San Juan and get a flight to Caracas and boat to Margarita Island. It's not cheap.

    You can try


    good luck)

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    Follow these steps:

    (1) Take a flight to Caracas either on Aeropostal or Aserca Airlines.

    (2) From Caracas, take the direct flight to San Juan with American Airlines.

    (3) In San Juan, take Tradewind Aviation's direct flight to St. Barts.

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