wats the difference between a gay,lesbian,bisexual,and a person suffering from gender identity distortion?

i mean are they different physically from normal people ........?and can they lead a normal married life....?

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    Persons suffering from gender identity disorder are in fact persons who do not accept their gender, women who want to get a penis and become a men and men who want to get a vagina and become a woman. They are referred to as transgenders and transexuals. We speak here of a true and deep rooted desire to change of sex because the concerned person does not feel at all she belongs to the body gender she / he has. Thanks God, nowadays, the possibility exists for transgender people to obtain the gender they feel comfortable with. Some transexual are also part woman and part man and feel quite comfortable with this too. It is another

    difference that we should also respect and accept.

    Gay and Lesbian people on the other hand are comfortable with their own genders but desires to live their sexuality and their life in fact with someone of the same sex as they are.

    Both Gay and Lesbians persons can unite and form happy couples with strong loving bounds.

    And being myself in Gay couple, I confirm to you that we do lead a normal married life, possibly better than heterosexuals because we are freed from the compulsive obligation to have children.

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    It's Gender Identity Crisis. Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual live accordingly to their biological gender. So a lesbian is comfortable living as a woman, gay man is happy as a man, bisexual-you get the picture. A person with Gender Identity Crises, was born biologically male or female, but feels and lives as the opposite sex. So a biological female who has a gender identity crises would live as a male, thinks like a man, and kind of fantasizes about being a man. Same for a transexual man (but, ya know, opposite). Some of them can lead a normal life, some of them deny their bodies, some of them transition to the other gender. It's a hard life for somebody born into the wrong gender, so I can't really answer the second part. Watch "Boys Don't Cry" it's an amazing movie with amazing acting.

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    Being gay, lesbian or bisexual is knowing who you are but liking the same or different genders. Gender identity disorder is more like a women, is born a woman, likes a women, but wants to be a man. She doesn't feel comfortable in a woman's body. or vice versa for a man.

    There is no physical difference. and sure they can lead a normal married life. if that's what they want. A women who goes through the surgery to become a man because she is not comfortable being a women, could down the road marry a women.

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    Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, and people suffering from gender identity disorder, are absolutely NO different physically from heterosexual people (BTW -- calling heteros "normal" is offensive to those of us who aren't hetero since it implies that we're "abnormal" -- we're not). All of our physical parts are exactly what and where they should be, and everything works just fine, thank you.

    Can GLBT people lead a "normal" married life, you ask. You mean "one man - one woman".... ? Bisexuals, who are more-or-less equally attracted to both sexes, could probably fall in love with, and marry, a member of the opposite sex and be reasonably happy. Gay and lesbian people, who are attracted to others of their own sex and not to members of the opposite sex to any appreciable degree, **could** lie, and pretend to be in love with a member of the opposite sex, and marry some unsuspecting opposite sex person, but it would be a sham. Marriage to a heterosexual spouse will not "cure" the gay or lesbian partner of their homosexual attractions and affections, nor will it "turn" them hetero or make them love and desire their opposite sex spouse, so they would be deeply unhappy. So would their opposite sex partner, since they would not be receiving the love and affection they expect and deserve from their (secretly gay or lesbian) husband or wife. So, it would be a marriage in name only after awhile, and that would not be what most people would consider a "normal", happy, married life.

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    Well, they are totally different.

    Being Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual is about your sexual orientation; in otherwords the gender you are attracted to or want to have sex or love with. Having a gender identity distortion or disorder means you are unsure or confused about what sexual organs you have or what gender you are.

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    Just to add to the confusion...

    Sexuality is not even as straightforward is being straight/gay/bi.

    Tom Robinson (musician and radio presenter) was openly gay for many years. Then he fell in love with a woman, married her and they had a family - but he still identifies himself as a gay man, since his main sexual attraction is unchanged.

    If you chat with guys in gay rooms online, you would probably be surprised how many are in 'normal' marriages. Quite a number of straight married men seem particularly fond of wearing their wives undies too...

    Source(s): Conversation with Tom Robinson
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    Gay people can lead a perfectly normal married life, with each other. Especially in areas where gay marriage is legally recognized.

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    Sexual Orientation: Sex you are attracted to (hetero-opposite; homo-same; bi-both)

    Gender Identity: What you consinsider yourself.

    A transgender person believes that they are in the wrong body.

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    ANYBODY that claims "gay" etc... is just hurting inside & wanting attentoin, & will go to extremes to get it. It's discusting!

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