what happens if lightning hits your roof?

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    That depends in part on the construction of your roof and house...among other things.

    In the most benign case, you would hear an earsplitting bang and nothing would happen. This is pretty likely if your house is drenched from rainfall...the surface water will conduct the lion's share of the current and quickly ionize - becoming a pretty damn good conductor.

    In the worst case, your house is dry on its surface and constructed entirely of wood and masonry and has minimal metal plumbing and wiring in the walls...you will probably get conduction through the structure itself...and possibly some flying bits of wood and masonry...

    In either case, you'll probably get some impressive induced voltage spikes in your house wiring...probably enough to render anything with a semiconductor and not on a surge protector pretty useless...

    Source(s): meteorology degree
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    You will hear a really big bang. An enormous amount of charge will be conducted through the path of least resistance to the ground. Everything electrical in your house might be damaged or destroyed due to high induced currents.

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    well nothing really you won't hear a bang you'll just see a flash because your to close to the air rushing back in to fill the space up

    the lightning will fallow your pipes and electrical wires until it the ground if you don't have anything plugged in you'll be fine or if you have a surge protector

    Source(s): im a profesional meteoralogist for the weather channel
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    my parents had this happen. they lost a couple appliances.

    maybe in some extreme cases or non-grounded structures a fire could break out?

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    It can do a LOAD of damage, and it can - if you are really unlucky - fry all your appliances and PCs, etc. Ouch.

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