Please, I have to connect a ballast ,and I really need some help?

What will happen if I replace an old Rapid Start Electronic Ballast, which is connected in series, with a newer Instant- Start Electronic Ballast, which is wired in parallel ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Nothing, the lamp is "dumb" it doesn't care who feeds it, or how it is fed electricity. All that the lamp wants is electricity to operate and will accept what it gets. The electrical supply system doesn't care either, so long as the device connected to it does not draw more current than what the system (or circuit) breaker is rated at.

  • my suggestion is this to check the circuit on which u to want to place,either i accepts it in series or parallel manner, to cheack this use circuit breaker to reduce the damage of ur cirucit.(in most case it connect in parallel).

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