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Red Sox take lead in race to obtain Twins pitcher Johan Santana?

Just read this article. It's just a rumor at this point but very interesting. Tell me your thoughts on this.

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    Dang. If the Red Sox make that trade they're geniuses!!! The pitcher of the century so far for some maybes. I like it.

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    Are you kidding? The Twins would be getting nothing and giving away the best pitcher in baseball. It is not a fair trade unless both sides feel pain. The Red Sox getting Johan without losing Buckholtz or Ellsbury would only happen in the dreams of Red Sox nation. The Twins want youth, a center fielder, a third baseman and a young starting pitcher ready to pitch in 2008.

    The Red Sox needs to lose Ellsbury and Buckholtz to get Johan. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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    That's a good trade for the Sox if true, though I would try to hang on to Masterson.

    Personally, I think going for Dan Haren of the A's is the better buy; comparable numbers to Santana, he's younger and under contract for another 3 years at a fraction of what Santana will cost. But it's not my money so I won't be too upset if this deal goes through.

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    If that's all the Twins are asking, then the Sox should make the deal quickly assuming they can first agree with Santana on an extension.

    Getting Santana without having to give up Ellsbury, Pedroia or Bucholz would be a huge coup for the Sox.

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    The Red Sox are giving up alot with Lowerie, Lester and Masterson, but with them keeping Buckholltz and Ellibury I am all for it. The fact that Lugo is undercontract for awhile and a rotation of Santana, Beckett, Dice-K, Schilling, Wakefield and Buckholtz they will have 2 legitimate number 1 starters, 2 no 2 starters, a future number 1 starter, and a guy like wakefield who eats up a ton of innings and can work in the bullpen as a long reliever, setup and closer the Red Sox claim their stake as the number 1 team to win next year if it happens

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    Actually, I just heard this on radio 10 mins ago. I said it days ago that the Yankees don't even come close to the Red Sox when it comes to giving the Twins young talents. I said the only problem for the Red Sox is paying J. S the money he wants. If the Red Sox really wants to pay him that money, then the Yankees have no chance of landing him.

    However, I still think J.S is sliding a bit. His numbers are not as good as it was once. Last year was his worst of his career. And I heard he's had minor surgery recently. He is a big fish but not as enormous as people are making it out to be.

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    It's an interesting article but at best pure speculation that breeds false hopes for Boston. I don't think that Minnesota is going to settle for less than Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, Clay Bucholz and one other top player. Whereas the supposed NY offerings of Cabrera, Kennedy, and one other solid pitcher for their rotation makes more sense.

    Despite the fact that people have laughed about this, don't leave the Mets out of this. They are willing to offer a package that includes Reyes for starters, and their GM is one of the most creative and talented out there when it comes to setting up good trades.

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    I'd hate to lose Masteson, he's got the potential to be as good as Santana, but I'll take the sure thing over the potential any day. With this deal they get to keep Ellsbury, Buckholz, Pedroia, and Bowden, so I'll approve of it. I really don't care about the money they spend to sign Santana to an extension, it's not like they're poor.

    Here's the deal for those of you who don't want to click the link:

    Santana for:

    Jon Lester - LHP

    Coco Crisp - CF

    Justin Masterson - SP

    Jed Lowry - SS

    The thought of having a rotation of:

    1. Santana

    2. Beckett

    3. Matsuzaka

    4. Schilling

    5. Wakefield

    With Buckholz & Bowden ready to step up and take a starter's spot too, this makes me happy!

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    I don't believe the Twins would do that deal and depending on who you believe the Yankees might be in the drivers seat. The Yankees have apparently offered Cabrera along with either Hughes or Kennedy. If you were the Twins which offer would you take?

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    If that is real then the Twins are looking to get screwed, great trade for Boston but bad for Minnesota. I would rather have the Yankees offer than that; i think that Buckholz has to beint here for the deal to get done.

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