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Period help!!?

I am on my period and i ussally get blood clots everytime i go to the bathroom but this time i don't have very many it's just kinda blood and a few clots her and there. I have had my period for a year should i bee worried

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    I have them too, I don't talk to my mom about this stuff because she freaks out or says 'i dont know i think about it' and then never answers. I am 12 and have had my period for a year or longer i'm not sure when i started..haha

    I am not going to say ask your mom but if your mom will talk, talk to her. I hope they are normal because I get them all the time!

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    1 decade ago

    Clots are normal. Clots are the lining of the uterine wall. That's whats expelled during the period. Hope I helped.

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    Nope, the less blood clots the better, you're fine, I would be worried if you get too many clots. good luck.

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    nop, this is completely normal remember your body is adjusting to the changes

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  • 1 decade ago

    no your body is just adjusting to your period it happens to every one

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    i think that it is normal, i wouldn't be worried, but i am not a dr.

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    call your gyno just to be sure.She may want to see you.

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