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Remote Controlled Car- Projectile Launcher?

I am working on a project to modify and improve an RC car, I am attempting to attach a projectile launcher for something like a marble. I am thinking of doing a spring loaded launcher but was wondering if there were any other ideas you guys had, time and supplies are semi-limited but I appreciate any idea you guys have.

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    You could add a pneumatic launcher similar to the CO2 tank system on a paintball gun. This would eliminate the need for the equipment needed to pull back a spring after each shot, and would allow for a faster rate of fire, assuming you do not want to have to manually reload after each shot. Bear in mind that a CO2 cylinder would need re-charging.

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    How about changing the spring with rubber instead?

    I guess the biggest challenge would be to actuate and control the mechanism from a far. The best that i can think of is having a mouse trap mechanism which is activated by an electric motor. And the electric motor is actuated when you press one of the controls (maybe when you press down).

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