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When deciding how to score your league, how does the Bonus Offense section, work?

When setting up your leagues scoring (how many points for TD's, yardage and other things), there is a section towards the bottom called Bonus Offense. It has Bonus 1, 2 and 3 for Passing, Rushing and Receiving, how do these work? How do they calculate points? What's the math?

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    Well when setting it up, you get to actually choose.

    Most of the time for passing its

    300 = 1 bonus pt

    400 = 2

    500 = 3

    Rushing is usually the same points just 100, 150, 200

    Receiving is usually the same as rushing.

    Pretty much its just like you get an award for that person having a huge game. You get to input any number you would like, and how they will do. I'm a big fan of it just because you can get pushed over the top, but on the other hand you can lose by it just as quickly.

    Good luck!!

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