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body cleanse?

the diet im on says to do a body cleanse once a week... i like the rest of the diet bc its easy and im seeing results... just not sure about the cleanse.... i have heard a lot about detoxing your body what is that and what does it do and do you suggest it? the "body cleanse" is eating a lot of fiber on saturday to clean out your intestines... this means im going to poop alot huh? great way to spend a saturday!!


its called 8 minutes in the morning.. to a flat belly.. but there are different ones... i can see my tummy getting flatter... and if you like veggies its good you still get to eat what you want and you eat every three hours... which is good for me because i love to snack... i love the "birds eye" veggies the ones that you microwave.. i got a bunch of those and some small meats and thats my meals... really easy!! and snacks you can have small variations of things you love... the exercise takes between 8 and 12 minutes (depending on warm up and cool down.) i have been on it for a week and i feel better and my tummy looks better. Im losing baby fat which i think has been the hardest to lose... my daughter is 9 months and i have been trying different diets for about 6 months and this one has been the best so far!!

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    Well recently i went on a cleanser called Renu Herbs and it was something else. We all try to eat right and what have you ,but we still have stuff clogging our colon , so in order to get the full effect of your diet , your colon needs to be cleansed, your organs need to be detoxed ( check out the web site and see) Robyn Antony's renu herbs. I introduced a friend to it and he was shocked when he noticed quiet a few things in his poop. He also is a very healthy eater and he said he found it very hard to loose his stomach even after yrs of working out, but right now he does not have the gut anymore and he feels 21.

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    what diet are you on? it sounds good! how long have you been on it for?

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    oh yeah.. and farting and peeing.. u'll be soon putting a baby too:p

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